Brussels Newspapers

This is a snapshot of some of the popular newspapers in Brussels. It represents both newspapers for French readers and Dutch (Flemish) readers as well as one news magazine for English readers. There is a very large selection of newspapers in Brussels alone since it caters to both French and Dutch readers. There are newspaper kiosks all over the city centre and shops selling magazines, newspapers and snacks can be found in local communes. Look out for ‘Press Shop’ or ‘Relays’ stores.

Le Soir (French)
‘The Evening’ is a daily newspaper in Belgium. Its website is comprehensive, with sections on culture, sport and multimedia functions. On top of this there is weather information with up to the minute information as well as traffic information for all of Belgium.

De Morgen (Dutch)
‘The Morning’ is a Dutch daily newspaper published in Belgium, using environmentally friendly methods. It also has online presence at

La Libre Belgique (French)
‘Free Belgium’ is another popular French language daily newspaper. Together with Le Soir they are the most highly circulated papers for the French speaking region of Wallonia and the French speakers of Brussels. Its website can be found at

La Derniere heure (French)
‘The Latest Hour’ is a French newspaper that specialises in news and in particular sport. There are 7 regional versions of the newspaper to cater to each French speaking community in Belgium. It has a bright and colourful website at

De Standaard (Dutch)
‘The Standard’ is a daily tabloid sized newspaper published for Dutch speakers. Despite its size which can be mistaken for tabloids or free newspapers, it has a good world news section. You can find their news website at

The Bulletin (English)
The Bulletin (€3.50) is not exactly a newspaper, it is an English magazine published weekly with commentary on the news in Europe and Belgium. It is worth picking up for its comprehensive arts agenda with highlights of concerts, theatre and exhibitions held all over Belgium for the week. It also has a television guide for those days when you want to stay inside. Apart from its own magazine website, it has an expatriate site called Find the Bulletin online at